Texas to Portland | A Dream Home & New Beginning

Author Kira Dennison | Feb 01, 2024

Embarking on the journey from the warmth of Texas to the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, was a significant transition for my clients – a leap into a world that differed culturally in many aspects. Having Texan roots myself, I understood the nuances of such a move, making the connection with my clients all the more special.

My clients, who originally hailed from Portland but were living in Houston, eagerly anticipated new careers and a fresh chapter of life on the Eastside of Portland – an area that holds a special place in my heart and serves as the cornerstone of my real estate endeavors.

The perennial question of why choose the Eastside often comes my way, and I find it a joy to answer. Personally, I revel in the joys of walking, bike lanes, charming coffee shops, and the navigational simplicity of a flat grid system. For my biking enthusiasts clients, Portland’s status as the number one bike-friendly city in the United States made the Eastside an obvious and delightful choice. Our quest for a home revolved around finding a place that seamlessly catered to their biking needs, complete with well-marked maps, signs, and services to enhance their biking experience.

Most of our house-hunting adventures took place remotely. While my clients had a good understanding of Portland and their preferred neighborhoods, it was my responsibility to thoroughly vet the homes. Whether through a House Hunters-style tour conducted by yours truly or detailed documentation, we narrowed down the options. Once the perfect home revealed itself, we swiftly geared up to craft a clean and competitive offer, propelling us to the next stage of the buying process.

Post-offer acceptance, the journey of inspections, contractor consultations, and envisioning the home’s potential unfolded. My favorite part of this process was aiding my clients in visualizing themselves in their new abode. Serving as a novice interior designer, we explored possibilities like where to set up a cozy coffee and wine bar – a delightful touch that added a personalization to their new space.

While buying a home is often a significant and stressful financial decision, this transaction held an additional celebration layer. It coincided with my clients’ wedding and subsequent reception. As we toasted to a smooth transaction, a successful move, and the addition of a charming coffee bar, we also celebrated the union of two souls. To my surprise, the reception occurred in the very home we had helped them acquire. It was a heartwarming experience to be invited to meet all their friends and family in the space that now echoed with the warmth of their new beginnings.

Kira Dennison Capen, Principal Broker at Dennison Capen Group.Kira Dennison is the Principal Broker and Co-owner of Dennison Capen Group. With 21 years in the industry, she brings over 28 years of sales, marketing, and negotiation to the team. Over the years, Kira has helped countless buyers and sellers reach their homeownership goals. She has also had an active hand in growth initiatives, training, finance, and team management. Kira’s goal is to build lifelong relationships with those she works with as a strong advocate for her clients.

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