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Author John McClain | May 10, 2024

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of closing many successful deals. However, my work with the Stafford and Stabler families in 2022-2023 stands out as a testament to perseverance and achieving outstanding results.

First, we tackled the sale of Jesse and Tiffany Stafford’s unique 3,350 sqft home, situated on a two-acre lot in Butteville. While it took a full year on the market, five offers(most under asking price), and even a messy termination, we never lost sight of the property’s true value. We stayed committed through numerous open houses, countless conversations with the Staffords and buying agents, and two withdrawal periods. Eventually, the Stafford’s patience paid off, securing a buyer for the original list price of $999,900. Knowing their satisfaction made the long journey worthwhile.

While the Stafford’s sale was coming to a close, we embarked on a new sale with Jesse’s parents, Bill and Julie Stabler. Their stunning, fully remodeled 3,913 sqft Charbonneau townhouse surpassed all previously listed townhouses in size and finish. It was a “unicorn” in the community! We strategically planned numerous open houses, which were particularly effective at drumming up interest in that area. Like the Stafford’s experience, the Stablers encountered a withdrawal period and a particularly challenging potential buyer. We navigated these hurdles through collaborative decision-making and landed an ideal cash buyer. The buyer closed within two weeks with only a minor concession request. The final sale price of $1,249,000 shattered records, exceeding the previous high by a staggering $249,000! The Stabler’s delight solidified my pride in this remarkable outcome.

These two transactions were a deep well of satisfaction. My expertise in strategic and tactical brokering played a key role, but ultimately, success hinged on collaboration, client advocacy, and a shared belief in the properties’ value. Both families demonstrated remarkable patience and trust in the process, making these deals enriching experiences.

John McClain Portland, Oregon RealtorJohn McClain is a licensed Broker responsible for the listing side of Dennison Capen Group. He has 25 years of successful sales executive, business development, and management experience in high tech, private equity, and risk management. His breadth of experience with client management, contract negotiations, project management, marketing, and operations is leveraged daily. John is a husband and father of three who all grew up in Northeast Portland. He has lived and done business on two continents and visited multiple countries on four. He is a zealous participant in various sports and music endeavors. John considers Portland the ideal place to partake in all his business and personal aspirations.

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