Top Resolutions for Homeowners in 2024

Author Natalie Bruno | Jan 05, 2024

The champagne flutes are tucked away, resolutions scribbled with hope are plastered on fridges, and a familiar feeling creeps in: “This year, my home will be…” But where do you start? Ditch the generic “clean more” or “downsize” mantras. Let’s tackle 2024 with resolutions that transform your home into a haven of happiness and efficiency.

Boost Your Home’s Superpower

Imagine shrinking your bills and your carbon footprint at the same time! We’ve all heard PGE is raising prices by 17% this year, so it’s the perfect time to save a buck by upgrading to LED bulbs, swapping out that dusty thermostat for a smart one, and unleashing the insulation warrior within (seal those drafty windows!). Embrace natural light, air dry your laundry, and turn off electronics when not in use. This resolution saves you money, the planet, and maybe even your sanity from fighting high utility bills.

Tame the Clutter Kraken

Remember that Marie Kondo episode where the sock drawer achieved nirvana? Time to channel your inner organizer! Tackle one room at a time, ruthlessly purge the “just-in-case” clutter, and donate with joy. Habitat for Humanity Restore will even pick up the big donation items for you! Invest in smart storage solutions, embrace minimalism (within reason!), and create designated drop zones for keys, bags, and the daily flotsam and jetsam. A clutter-free home is a calm mind, a stress-free haven, and a testament to your inner decluttering Jedi.

Unleash Your Inner DIY Dynamo

That leaky faucet, the chipped paint, the overgrown patio… they whisper, “Fix me!” This year, answer their call! Learn a new skill, grab your toolbox, and tackle those long-neglected projects. Upgrade cabinet knobs, paint an accent wall, build a DIY garden – the possibilities are endless! Not only will you save money, but you’ll also experience the pride of transforming your space with your own two hands. Remember, even small victories are worth celebrating!

Connect with Your Home’s Heartbeat

Let nature weave its magic into your home! Tend to houseplants, create a welcoming bird feeder, or start an indoor herb garden. Open windows to let in fresh air and sunshine. Add pops of greenery, natural textures, and calming colors. Breathe deeply, listen to the chirping birds, and reconnect with the natural world, right in your own nest. It’s a mini-escape from the chaos and a reminder that your home is a living, breathing part of your world.

Make Memories, Not Just Meals

The kitchen is more than just a food prep station – it’s the heart of the home. This year, transform it into a space for laughter, connection, and shared experiences. Host potlucks, invite friends for baking nights, plan family movie nights with popcorn (made using that fancy new air fryer, of course!). Let the clinking of dishes and the murmur of conversation become the soundtrack of your home. Memories forged in the kitchen are the ones that last a lifetime.

Remember, resolutions aren’t about perfection; they’re about progress. So, tackle these goals with a sprinkle of fun, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of self-applause. Let’s make 2024 the year of happy homes, one project, one plant, one potluck at a time. Check out our referral directory for vendor help on your next home project!

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