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At Dennison Capen Group, we know life throws curveballs, and prepping your home for a lengthy listing isn’t always an option. That’s why we provide a Cash Offer Program! This lets you bypass the showings, repairs, and uncertainty of a traditional sale. We’ve partnered with local and institutional investors to get you competitive cash offers that fit your timeline. Even better, you can compare these offers to a traditional listing’s projected results, guaranteeing you choose the best path for your needs. Whether you prioritize speed and certainty with cash or prefer exploring the possibilities of a traditional listing, our team provides expert guidance, always advocating for your needs.

When to Choose a Cash Offer

When you need to sell quickly. If you face a time crunch due to a job relocation, inheritance needs, foreclosure risk, or any other reason, a cash offer can close the deal in as little as two weeks, compared to months with a traditional listing.

When your house may be in less-than-ideal condition. If your house needs repairs or renovations, attracting traditional buyers might be difficult. Cash buyers specialize in these situations and may be willing to take on the property “as-is.”

When you want to avoid the hassle of showings & repairs. Traditional selling involves prepping your house, scheduling showings that disrupt your routine, and potentially making repairs to attract buyers. A cash offer eliminates these hassles.

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