How To Sell Your Home & Live In It

Author Natalie Bruno | Feb 24, 2021

The idea of balancing your day-to-day life while trying to sell your home can seem daunting, but with the right realtor’s guidance, it doesn’t have to be! Below we’ve put together our top tips to prepare you for the “showing” phase of selling your home. These tips will keep your home in “showtime” condition and ease any anxiety you may have about the process. Making a plan prior to hitting the market will give you peace of mind while you sell and result in a smoother transaction.

The first step in preparing for showings is detaching yourself from your home, both mentally and physically. Our goal is to turn your home into a blank slate where buyers can imagine themselves living. Removing personal items like photographs, decluttering kitchen and bathroom countertops, and organizing shelves will help to create this illusion. Even if you’re planning on living in the home through the selling process, it’s still a good idea to pack up at least ⅓ of your belongings to reduce the appearance of clutter in your home and prepare you for the larger move to come. Remember buyers will want to look through everything, so off-season clothing and gear in closets, infrequently used kitchen appliances, and junk drawers are a great place to start.

Removing valuables from your home for showings may seem obvious to some, but we’re talking about more than just jewelry. We suggest storing any prescription medications, money, or high-value items in a safety deposit box, safe, or other secure location. Although there will always be a licensed professional present during showings, high turnout open houses can be more difficult to monitor. Items that can easily break such as figurines, china, or crystal should also be packed away during the decluttering process to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Your furry companion may be cute, but unfortunately, that’s probably not going to help you sell your home. It’s best to have a plan for your pets out of the house when it’s time to show the property. Common options include daycare, sleep cages, or just bringing them with you when you leave. Friendly neighbors can also come in handy during last-minute showings when you need to get out of the house quickly. Whatever you choose, be sure to plan ahead so you’re not scrambling on the day of. Cleaning up after your pet and decluttering pet toys is also a vital step in keeping your home “showtime” ready. Not everyone is a pet lover and it can take away from the blank slate vision we’re trying to accomplish.

The day your property goes live, your home will look pristine. All week you’ve been preparing for this moment with cleaners, landscapers, and stagers stopping in to make things look just right. However, depending on your property and the current market you may not find a buyer right away and the reality of maintaining this “perfect” aesthetic may kick in. Don’t despair! There are habits you can start to help maintain your home’s cleanliness. Quick tips include cleaning your shower while you’re in it, cooking only in the oven to avoid stovetop grease, and using placemats and coasters while you eat and drink. If you do cook at home, be sure to regularly open your windows to clear out any food smells in your space. Don’t forget to keep out some cleaning supplies as items like disinfectant, vacumes, and mops may be lifesavers before a last-minute showing. For more tips on keeping your home “staged” while living in it with kids check out blogger, Kelly Cone.

Living in a “For Sale” home isn’t easy but with the proper planning, you can get through the process fairly unscathed! As your realtor, we’ll be giving you continuous guidance to prepare you and your home for the process. Do your best to take our advice and be honest with us if you need more help, that’s what we’re here for! For a quick overview of how to prepare for showings check out our Showing Checklist. Happy Home Selling!

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