Dennison Capen Group Realty

covid-19 Protocol


August 11th, 2021


The well-being and health of our team members, clients, and vendors are our highest priority. During these uncertain times, we want you to be aware of the extra precautions we are taking to help prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus and comply with Oregon’s most recent state guidelines. 

Below are the current actions we’re taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19: 

Our Offices | The Keller Williams Portland Central offices are reopen to the general public and staff and are following all health guidelines issued by the state. Our entire team is vaccinated and the majority of our team is still working remotely by telework to continue day to day business. In the event meeting inside our offices is necessary, all individuals must wear a mask and respect social distancing. Sanitation stations and disposable protective gear are available at the Keller Williams Portland Central front desk.

Client Communication | The majority of communication between our team and clients will be held by video or phone conferencing. When necessary to meet in person, our team member(s) will wear a face covering at all times indoors and respect social distancing. Before in-person meetings, all clients will be asked if they are or have recently been sick and if anyone in their household is or has recently been sick. Our team members reserve the right to refuse in-person meetings if there has been a recent history of illness in the household. 

Open Houses | Open houses for our listings will be determined by the seller of the property. We will provide gloves and hand sanitizer to all attendees before entering the home and limit the capacity to adhere to the most up-to-date social distancing guidelines. All attendees will be required to wear a mask to enter the home and provide their names and contact information for tracing purposes. All procedures will be displayed on signs around the home to encourage proper adherence. We will continue to offer 3D Virtual Tours through Matterport to allow individuals to tour a property from the comfort of their own home and we’ll utilize other creative marketing mediums when necessary to further the property viewing experience. 

Property Tours | Property tours of our listings will be determined by the seller of the property. If a seller chooses to allow home showings, they may be required to sign a document agreeing that they are comfortable with property tours in their home. Homes that offer property tours will be equipped with gloves, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer for use during showings. All showing procedures will be displayed on signs around the home to encourage proper adherence. A single property flyer will be on display in a washable frame for additional property details. Agents can scan the QR code on the flyer with their phone to view property details as they tour. 

Property Showings | All our buyer agents are currently offering showings. If you wish to see a property, you may be required to sign a document indicating you’re comfortable with touring the home. Clients and agents must take separate vehicles to the property, wear face coverings, and respect social distancing. We will provide protective gloves to wear while in the property and hand sanitizer. 

Vendors | Our team members will primarily work remotely with vendors for onsite work. In the event we are needed in person, all previously mentioned social distancing procedures will be strictly adhered to.  Prior to agreeing to working with a vendor, we will present you their current policies related to the most recent Executive Order. 

We remain committed to advocating for your best interests during this global health crisis and will continue to adjust our business practices to do so. Thank you for your continued support during this time.

Note: The above actions are subject to change based on future Executive Orders, do not represent official guidance from the government, and may not be comprehensive. For up to date guidance from the state of Oregon regarding the coronavirus visit  https://govstatus.egov.com/or-oha-covid-19